Wednesday, May 26, 2010


They say its a hard. . . knock . . . life
So I picked up a pen
Cuz I couldn't rock the mic
I just felt inspired to write
I was thinkin' bout my lil boy
(then I laughed)
Cuz he's already a lil man
(then I panicked)
Cuz if he is to be righteous
I gotta get a certified game plan
(oh snap! this aint a game)
See, at work I babysit a bunch of lames
So I'll die before I let my son become the same
When he was born, I promised him the world
And in that instant, I became a mother
No longer just ya'll homegirl
They say its a hard . . . knock . . . life
But everyday I bow before Allah and pray
That his will turn . . . out . . . right

You see, when he smiles at me
My soul is at peace
And to hold him in my arms
Is like a drug to me
At night when he sleeps
Its a joy to watch him breathe
Whatever he needs, I'll provide it with ease
So please . . . Allah
Don't let him have a hard . . . knock . . . life
May Your Will be done
So will me to do . . . whats . . . right
For that, I . . . will . . . fight

Till my knuckles bleed.

1 comment:

  1. Look at you mommy. Parenthood is def a spiritual journey that will mold our siblings into what we hope to be Positive n Productive spiritual leaders. I can tell in your words that you've grown tremendously from our homegirl into a Mother. Great Post!