Monday, May 24, 2010

A Conversation With Heart

Heart, stop being stubborn and let go of the past
You were there when things fell apart
You know why it didn't last
Lies were told, games were played
We fell too deeply, so let those memories fade

Heart, please don't stress
Don't make my mind reminisce
Don't bring back those old feelings
Don't make us live like this
Maybe he does regret his mistakes
And maybe his words are sincere
But do you really want us to take that chance
To just end up right back here
You, shattered in pieces
Me, drenched in tears
We gotta whole lifetime together
With him we already wasted 3 years

Heart, be smart about this
You gotta ignore those feelings you have
I mean, look at the man we have now
Look how much he's done for our ass!
Besides you cant do that to him
You could never be that cold
Look at the son we have together, he's going on 2 years old
We've started a family here
But Heart, you insist on running wild
I told you I'm tired of the bullshit
And its not getting thru to you somehow

Heart listen, love ain't perfect
It probably never will be
So don't set yourself up like this
Stay home . . .stay home for Lump and me

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  1. We've been distance, but we've walked similiar paths. Check this out