Monday, May 24, 2010

A Glimpse Of Me

I'm ashamed, I'm lonely, I'm riddled with guilt
I'm afraid, I'm paranoid, with rage I am filled
I'm in love, I'm perfect, I'm full of pride
I'm modest, I'm Muslim, so look me in the eye
I eat kosher foods, I drink evil spirits
I write eloquent poems, I rock out to dirty lyrics
At work I am calm, in the streets I act a fool
Did you know that about me????
Look how I fooled you!

Islam is perfect, but I don't practice it well
I strive for Paradise, I fear I'll see Hell
I should pray 5 times a day, I shouldn't use profanity
I should hold strong in my faith, I should fight for my sanity
I shouldn't regret my mistakes, I should move on and learn
I shouldn't blame my opposition, I should let it burn
Sometimes at night I cry, I shed vacant tears
Sometimes to Allah I whisper, so only He will hear
When I'm angry I like to fight, I never meant to hurt you
Did you know that about me???
Look how well I had you fooled!

I don't give a damn, but mostly I care
I'm a hustler at heart, knowing I should play fair
I'll eat till I'm full, I don't care if you starve
I'll give you my last to make sure you 'ard
I take compliments well, that make me vain?
This world is beneath me, does that make me Queen??
I used to smoke weed, now, only blacks
Yeah I know I should quit, go 'head with that!
I don't see my ol homies much, we were all so close
Ahh to Hell with them, still miss em though
I got 2 nephews and a niece who deserve the best
But my son comes now, what did you expect?
Khalil comes first, but before all there is God
Allah holds my faith, but Khalil holds my heart
My son, My love, My soul, My dream
My GOD, My life, My existence, My being

I'm bold, I'm brave, I'll shatter your world
I'm evil, I'm a bitch, you only think you know
I'm innocent, I'm vulnerable, I'm sincere when I speak
This is who I am, here's a glimpse of me

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  1. That's def u lmao. I miss ya'll to it's been awhile. Taken a glimpse of u gave me a glimpse of me. Good Read!