Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I skim Arabic scriptures
Hoping He can deliver
An answer to my soul’s question
Cause right now I’m stressing
Constantly trying to guess what my purpose is
Because life has to be more than this
I mean, damn its hard now
So when we lose a soldier from the home ground
We are left weakened by incompletion
We all lost a piece of ourselves that night
So let me step back into the light
And revise my sights on what I need to do here
You can’t tell me the end of the world ain’t near
Living cloud nine
Everyday get drunk – high
To keep the demons inside from coming up
Living it up
Cause any day can be the last
So if I’m ever asked
If I have any regrets in my life
I’ll only say I wish I lived it twice
We’ve witnessed life’s ultimate lesson
So if you don’t now realize your blessings
Then my man died for nothing
And all the hurt and pain isn’t worth my sorrow
So quick to scream fuck tomorrow
Long as the night before was sweet
But would you feel the same
If that sunrise wasn’t guaranteed
In the past I didn’t always put God first
Believing I was God’s worst
For all the dumb things I’ve done
Avoiding conversations one on one
As if He couldn’t see what I’d become
So when He showed me this sign
Reminding me this life ain’t mine
I had to draw the line and apply
The knowledge I compiled
Through my life trials
And change my lifestyle
And get right with Him
I sacrifice my health to smoke weed all day
But not pray?
I could cop drinks from the bar
But not attend the mosque?
You talking ‘bout lost
I was the walking definition
And the only thing that led me to this decision
Was the premonition that I may be casts to the flames
Burning in my shame
Cause I wanted to play games
Instead of giving praise in Allah’s name
So on the day of judgement when its time to take blame
I’ll admit I was wrong
Or I just wasn’t strong
Because I refused strength when I refused God
And I took the easy road when times got hard

But I don’t want it to be like that


  1. Yeah I still have flashbacks from that night. I still miss him. I lost my brotha, but found myself and hopefully that's a good representation of him. Check out my poem for Kris I love it.

  2. Wow...this is intense. I'm sorry for your loss. Bless you, your family and your poetic expression.